What’s Possible?


SOARIt’s a question we all ask ourselves everyday.

Imagine you had a dream…

A dream of becoming a dancer.

But, due to a series of very unfortunate events, your arms and legs were unlike those of most “typical” dancers.

What would you do? How would you react?

For Kiera Brinkley, a 20-year old North Portland resident, the answer was simple. Dance anyway.

Kiera’s story is the focal point of an extraordinary documentary called SOAR. Produced and Directed by local filmmaker Susan Hess Logeais, SOAR tells the compelling and unexpected story of two dancing sisters. Kiera, whose arms and legs were amputated after she caught a bacterial infection when she was two. And, her little sister Uriah, who grew up following Kiera’s lead.

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview the filmmaker and her subjects. Part one of our conversation is here.

Part two of our conversation is here.

Susan Hess Logeais has launched a Kickstarter campaign in hopes funding a live performance of the duet SOAR at the Newmark Theater on April 21, 2014.


Susan Hess Logeais, Uriah Boyd, Kiera Brinkley, and Robert Parish

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  1. […] Thank you, Robert Parish of Portland Radio Project for the great interview with Kiera, Uriah, and Susan. We love the short introductory video clip! http://prp.fm/whats-possible/ […]

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