Music fans everywhere are seeking new tunes to help them get through the end of 2020.  We think you’re bound to love all four of these recommendations.

Tom Petty – “Wildflowers & All the Rest”

The new 5-disc release includes a remastered version of Petty’s original (1994) “Wildflowers.” A 10-song second disc is also part of the package. Petty wanted to include it the first time ‘round, but music execs had other ideas.

Unreleased songs, plus live album tracks from over the years, are also here.

Previously unreleased tracks like “Confusion Wheel” and “Something Could Happen” are both quintessential Petty. Live tracks from the peak of his career include “You Wreck Me” and “It’s Good to Be King.”

“It was the last project that he was working on and we know for a fact that he really wanted it to be out,” says Petty’s daughter Adria in a recent interview with USA Today. “It’s been really a treasure hunt for us.”

Be on the lookout for “Something Could Happen” and “Leave Virginia Alone” – both classic Petty.

Summing it up: “Wildflowers & All the Rest” is a generous retrospective collection sure to lift up hearts for years to come.

Laura Veirs – “My Echo”

Don’t miss the exceptional “My Echo” from Portland’s Laura Veirs.

This is the eleventh full studio release by the gifted singer-songwriter. “My Echo” is filled with gorgeous, insightful folk pop.  It’s being well-received by both critics and fans and is on the Bella Union label.

Bright, catchy “Turquoise Walls” sees Veirs processing the end of marriage to music producer Tucker Martine. To her credit, the sweet music never becomes moody or overly morose.

Opening track “Freedom Feeling” is somber, beautiful and musically arresting. Her remarkable “Brick Layer” is tender and pensive. Spritely, retrospective “Memaloose Island” is a celebration of life.

You’ll surely love colorful “Burn too Bright,” now on PRP’s playlist.

Laura Veirs’ “My Echo” is both confirmation of her artistic abilities and her standing as one of Portland’s brightest stars.

Fleet Foxes – “Shore”

By now you’ve surely heard the many acclamations about Fleet Foxes stunning new release. The Seattle-based Indie-folk rockers dropped new album “Shore” in September to coincide with the autumnal equinox.

Musically venturesome “Shore” boasts fifteen appealing tracks.  Uplifting “Sunblind” pays homage to some of the band’s songwriting heroes. Fans are also loving their melodic, sonically rich hit single “Can I Believe You.”

Beautiful, thoughtful and evocative “Featherweight” is another album standout. “Featherweight” is on our playlist.

Lead singer Robin Pecknold wrote these songs as a way of coping with the pandemic, and helping others to cope, too.

The gorgeous, comforting vibe of “Shore” will endure long after the pandemic is over and may well earn the band a grammy nomination.

Blitzen Trapper – “Holy Smokes, Future Jokes”

Rich harmonies and complex melodies abound on this new album from Blitzen Trapper, one of Portland’s favorite bands.

Some songs bring another great Northwest band – The Shins – to mind. Hopefully, Blitzen Trapper won’t mind the comparison, because this album is not-to-be-missed.

There isn’t a poorly written song or lackluster arrangement to be found anywhere on “Holy Smokes.” The album’s multilayered, multi-textured folk-rock compositions – like dreamy “Baptismal” – are lovely.

Especially noteworthy? The album’s title track, “Masonic Temple Microdose #1,” and “Hazy Morning.” And vocals from the band’s lead singer Eric Earley are sincere, engaging and smooth throughout.

The band’s mystical “Bardo’s Light,” pensive “Think Magically” and lovely “Don’t Let Me Run” are musical balm for a frantic year.  “Bardo’s Light” and “Think Magically” are both on Portland Radio Project’s playlist.

Simply put, the newest from Blitzen Trapper is a “must-have.”

That’s a wrap!

It’s been a long year, music lovers.

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