What kind of music do you play? The perennial question. We call it rock/folk/blues. It’s a big wide world of music!

PRP’s music stream will blend classic artists such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones with current hits and emerging artists, both local and global. “One set might include Bruno Mars, Patti Griffin and a local band that just rocked the house at Doug Fir,” according to Inessa, our director of music and creative services.

We promise to play today’s hits, but not 20 times a day. We will also combine an array of proven artists with exposure for new talent we know you want to hear. ~ Inessa

Not only that, but Inessa allows for forays “further down the road,” with Nine Inch Nails, Phish, Sigur Ros, Nick Drake (“Beyond Pink Moon, for God’s sake.”), Nick Cave, Daft Punk, Jake Bugg, Eleanor Friedberger, The Olms (Pete Yorn’s new band!), Mark Lanegan, Queens of the Stone Age.

Says Inessa: “It just goes on and on.”

And adds that our playlist will be DJ and listener driven.

‘Nuff said.


Well, then, you’ll need to offer your ideas here on our website. We LOVE feedback!

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