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Vote PRP Best Portland Radio Station!

Portland Radio Project at Day Theater Studios
Benjamin Lederer
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Here at Portland Radio Project (PRP), we aim to be your friendly local station, keeping you up to date on events in our city. Our show hosts are passionate professionals who love not only music but our entire community. Our specialized shows like Heather Hanson’s “Bus Stop” and Bob Knowles’ “Throwin’ It Back Thursday” give our station a wide variety of tunes.

Not to mention, PRP is a primary outlet for local artists. We play a local artist every 15 minutes. Our goal is to give a voice to local musicians, nonprofits and businesses, while providing our listeners with a diverse music experience. Our show “Sounds of PDX” with Luke Neill is a prime example of our dedication to connecting our audience with talented local artists.

Here’s our full show schedule.

Portland Radio Project is a non-profit organization standing for all things Portland. We strive to be your #1 local music outlet. And now we need your help! If you enjoy listening to our station or following any of our shows, please vote PRP for Willamette Week’s Best Portland Radio Station (Music).

Thanks for listening to PRP and Portland’s local music scene. We will continue to keep you informed and up-to-date on local artists and events.

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