Ural Thomas and the Pain

A lot has been written about Ural Thomas’ supposed “comeback” but according to Ural, he never felt he was gone. Ural came on the Seattle scene in the 50’s and has never stopped. He’s a singer-songwriter, weaving stories from his experiences as well as those of his parents. A big believer of the truth, Ural says you must be real and honest to yourself first. If you’re faking it your whole life, then that’s what you’re going to give out, “you only get what you give.”

Even if he’s sung a song a hundred times, he tries to sing it like it’s the first time he’s ever done it, to try to keep it fresh. He chooses songs that have touched his life or the lives of those he knows.

In his latest “comeback,” Ural has put together a 10 piece band of some of Portland’s finest talents in their own right: Scott Magee-Drums, Vocals; Eric Hedford-Bass; Brent Martens-Guitar; Ben Darwish-Keys; Ragen Fykes-Vocals; Moorea Masa-Vocals; Bruce Withycomb-Baritone Sax; Nicole Glover-Tenor Sax;  and Dave Monnie-Trumpet. A little known piece of trivia, I have been a fan of Moorea Masa’s since her days as the vocals behind “The Ruby Pines”, and had the opportunity to sing in that band’s choir last year. This young lady has the Blues in her soul yet radiates sunshine wherever she goes. It has been a joy to watch her perform in Ural’s band for it is a perfect home for her vocal talents.

After Sunday’s performance, PRP.FM’s Dan Clark caught up with Ural backstage.


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