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UPDATE: My Brothers And I

Earlier this spring, Luke Neill has Erick and Jordan in as his co-hosts. A quick update: To commemorate the 1-year anniversary of their album, Expunged Records has commissioned a remix EP of My Brothers And I’s debut full-length, Don’t Dream Alone. Out as of 9/23/2016. 

Check out the remix video and revisit the session with Luke, below.



On the program last week my guest co-hosts were Erik Wurgler and Jordan Roach from the band, My Brothers And I. The guys have been busy ever since they released their debut LP, Don’t Dream Alone , in September of 2015. Having just returned from a West Coast tour the guys spoke about the importance of connecting with the audience. Erik also told our listeners a funny story about driving the tour van through a blizzard in Oklahoma City and the trials of being on the road. IMG_2353

During the show we played selections from Erik and Jordan that included Foo Fighters, James Blake, Allen Stone, and Dave Matthews Band. The talk board lit up with questions for the band that included “what was your favorite show on your tour?” and “what is your favorite song to play live?”.  An emotional moment of the evening came when Erik spoke about the bands song “Scars”. This is a song that has helped a lot of their listeners and it was apparent with the comments that were coming into the talk board. It was evident that the band has written songs that truly connect with their audience.

While we were on the air we also gave away tickets to the filming of the bands PDX Spotlight episode, which will air this July. Some of the other topics I spoke with the guys about included, the bands music on VH1 and the CW show “Pretty Little Liars”, and the upcoming release of the “Live at Mississippi Studio” EP.

Please enjoy our interview with My Brothers And I.

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