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Tyler Fortier’s Black and White Heart

It’s not for “overzealous fitness buffs” warns Tyler about his new record. Not sure what is needed  to get your 5 miles in  when it comes to music on morning runs. But I can promise, Black and White Heart WILL intoxicate you.



The album is full of intimate songs, some quietly exuberant and others just a whisper in your ear. I really like the production on this newest project. Breaths and inhales, exhales and mouth noise have been left available for us to hear, in the best possible way.



I first came across Tyler Fortier when his Fear of the Unknown came out in April of 2011. A very Bruce Springsteen=ish album cover caught my attention.



Tyler straddles between Eugene and Portland and many other places. Eugene is home. And  I like he is a bit difficult to peg. In our conversation, that same theme is echoed. Clearly an amazing vocalist and songwriter who reminds me all the time of one of my favorites, Ray LaMontagne, Tyler talks a lot about the challenges of being on the road, of creating music and offering up his special viewpoint to musicians in the process of creating a new collection of songs with Tyler as producer. What are the things you need to do to maintain a life in music?






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