“Siri, What Is Turkuaz?”

“Turkuaz is a Turkish Market located near Berkeley College. Or, a 9-piece funk band that ceaselessly tours to spread the Gospel of Funk across the world.”

We learn something new every day.

Five members of the band joined us in the studio last Wednesday; Dave, Shira, Michaelangelo, Taylor, Josh, and Craig piled into the studio with easy smiles on their faces. It’s clear that this group keeps each other charged. They discussed their second album, Digitonium, their show at the Wonder Ballroom, life on the road and the logistics of constantly touring, the group writing process, and the origins of their name.

Despite her best intentions, Siri could not prepare you for the experience of seeing Turkuaz live. It would be easy enough to get swept away by the presentation of the killer light show and beautiful backup singers dancing at side stage, but Turkuaz doesn’t just come in a fancy package. They deliver song after song of extremely danceable funk, mixing up grooves to keep the audience engaged.

“Siri, how can I find out more about Turkuaz?”

“Click on the link below for the full interview, visit www.turkuazband.com, and follow the funky brick road.”

“Thank you Siri.”



Stephanie Scelza

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