In our day-to-day lives, their are few resources more valuable than our peers.

We learn the skill of sharing knowledge and information with one another at an early age. That ability, if encouraged, allows us to be better communicators, learners and thinkers.  This is why the Tucker Maxon School in SE Portland encourages children to learn together in an inclusive and supportive environment.

Many children encounter obstacles in their learning development, especially if they have a disability. Regrettably, this may put valuable communications and learning skills out of their reach. Tucker Maxon School steps in to help by focusing on helping children who are hearing impaired to achieve academic excellence.

The school was founded in 1947 by Harvard-educated attorney Paul Boley, whose daughter became deaf due to meningitis. Boley enrolled his daughter  in the preschool program at Portland’s Hosford Public School for Deaf Children. That’s where Boley met instructor Alice Maxon, who believed, “Deaf children can talk.”

From there Boley envisioned a school where his daughter, Barabara Ann, and other deaf children could learn to speak. From this dream, Tucker Maxon was born.

At Tucker Maxon students learn to value differences and become strong communicators. Hearing impaired students learn and play alongside students without learning challenges. And all the children learn to communicate thoughtfully with each other across a spectrum of hearing ability.

Tucker Maxon is an auditory-verbal school, meaning it teaches all of their students to listen and talk. The school offers specialized instruction for children from birth through 5th grade. This includes direct services for infants and toddlers and their families. They also offer instruction for children with typical hearing, preschool through 5th grade.

Students at Tucker Maxon have physical education classes five days a week. They’re also exposed to art classes and an outdoor playground, to encourage creativity and collaboration. And small class sizes help students to have better access to their instructors.

This week Tucker Maxon School joined on our award-winning Community Voices series. The podcast, featuring interview sessions with members of the organization, are below.

If you’re interested in volunteering at Tucker Maxon School visit here.

Anne Smyth, Teacher of the Deaf

Glen Gilbert, ED

Katie Johnson, Math Teacher/Parent at Tucker Maxon School