Tim is a transplant from………well everywhere. But Portland is so a touchstone. He’s traveled a lot this year, from California, to the UK, Scotland and most importantly to Brazil which influenced his newest project in an amazing and deep, unexpected way. Preview some of the new music and breathe in the backstory with us. And catch the live show October 4th at The Star Theatre.

A Sort of Homecoming

Photo: Teri Briggs

Photo: Teri Briggs

If you have ever had the pleasure of a Tim Snider music-moment, you know what we are talking about. He owns the violin in a very exciting  way. He does “live looping” but, he is very clear in saying, only to “serve the song”.   I first met him after he moved here from Reno. But he has explored all the nooks and cool crannies of the world, including Portland, and has made so many great connections in our music world. Surfed the beaches. Gone and played all kinds of festivals. Meet a guy who lives the indie music life.


Hear the amazing story of the new and forthcoming album “Tim & Caio in Brazil” and catch the show at The Star Theater October 4th  with an exciting cast of players including Tony Smiley, Saeeda Wright, Max Ribner, Hope Medford, and Jenna Love. And do listen to the live in-studio session hosted by Jacob Thom with Teri Briggs.