Inviting you to enjoy our occasional look back through the ever-growing archives and searching for random, but amazing, guest sessions. Come back with us to December 5, 2014 and enjoy the ever unpredictable Jane Siberry.


Throwback to a Drop-In Session with Jane Siberry

December 5th 2014 was all about “Connecting to the Core” to borrow the words of jane siberry  We talk being present, aware, the joys of being a trollope, and connecting to the Portland music community. Sunday is the last of her residency at The Secret Society. ‪#‎DjThomThom and I having an arresting moment. Thanks Tom Olbrich, for paving our way on this Session.



#DJ Thom Thom

Jane Siberry was thoroughly  enchanted by our Thom Thom. (And who wouldn’t be). You will be able to tell when you listen to our conversation, which was a very fun and a very entertaining one.