In search of the latest and greatest in Indie music? Here are three great artists hailing from Australia, Serbia, and our own vibrant Portland, sure to please the palate of discerning music buffs.

Souvenir Driver

From Portland, Souvenir Driver’s moody, melodic sound – a great blend of shoe gaze, pop and rock – will hook you.

They released their epic “Brace Yourself” EP late last year in response to Trump’s election.

Souvenir Driver

“We wrote the four songs in about a week and then recorded them in one day. It was a very different process than our other records,” says frontman Nate Wey. All proceeds from the stellar “Brace Yourself” went to nonprofits including Planned Parenthood and ACLU.

Their new self-titled “Souvenir Driver,” partly recorded in an isolated Mt Hood cabin, was mixed by Gregg Williams (Dandy Warhols, Blitzen Trapper).

From the new release we love “Voices of a Traveler.” Written collectively by the band, it’s built around a guitar riff by Ethan Homan – who played bass in the band and left amicably, shortly after the album’s completion.

“It explores the idea of time-travel to thematically discuss regret and longing,” explains Wey. “The protagonist of the song is someone trying to change decisions they made in the past and getting lost in the process.”

“The song came together during our rehearsals,” he adds.

It’s a compelling rocker PRP recently added to our playlist. Have a listen:

Voices of a Traveler

Souvenir Driver are: Bob Mild, drums (formerly from The Upsidedown); Travis Hendricks, keyboards (Hawkeye); Josh Kalberg, bass (Daydream Machine), and musician Nate Way, vocals, guitars.

Find music by Souvenir Driver on iTunes or on their website.

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Ana Ćurčin

Exquisite singer-songwriter Ana Ćurčin blends folk, Americana and dream pop in her intriguing “Sketches of Belonging” release.

With a voice reminiscent of talented and much loved Natalie Merchant, this is a unique artist who seems to have found her niche. Ćurčin and the commendable musicians who back her create unique, deeply touching music that’s refined and engaging.

Based in Belgrade, Serbia, Ćurčin and her band perform live throughout Europe and have played at Exit Festival.

Band members are Ana Ćurčin, Goran Antovic, keyboards; Marko Cvetkovic, bass; and Marko Benini, drums.

Her recent reflective and uplifting single, “Remain Calm,” is an ace arrangement. It begins quietly and builds to crescendo with full band behind her – two thumbs up for electric guitar and harmonica here.

Remain Calm

We’ll keep an eye on this promising new artist. You can find music by Ana Ćurčin on iTunes .

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Crystal Cities

From Australia, alternative Indie dream rockers Crystal Cities spent the last year working on their debut EP in a band member’s garage.

In March, the band released their stellar “Who’s Gonna Save Us Now” EP and single by the same name, which has been on regular rotation at PRP.

Now, Crystal Cities is back with their eclectic second single “Binary Eyes.” The glimmering track is a catchy rocker we think you’ll love. ” ‘Binary Eyes’ explores ideas about what reality is and how our subjective consciousness plays a role in determining that,” says singer-songwriter Geoff Rana.

Bass player Jared King describes the new, shimmery track as “a lo-fi anthem.”

Binary Eyes

Crystal Cities are: Geoff Rana, main vocals and guitar; Jared King, bass and backing vocals, and Dan Conte, drums.

Find the music of Crystal Cities on iTunes and on Bandcamp.

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That’s a wrap on a few of today’s great indie artists!

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