This past Wednesday, we were priveleged to enjoy a lighthearted drop in session with Crystal and Angela Lariza of The Lariza Sisters. The sisters entertained us with a live concert and many nostalgic moments from their childhood. It was hard to decide what was more beautiful – the music or the memories they shared with us!


Crystal, the free-spirit, and Angela, the gentle taskmaster, caused us all to lose our composure several times throughout the interview. Their spontaneous humor was contagious and uncontainable. We felt like part of their family as they openly shared the stories of their childhood through music.


The Lariza sisters tell stories with their music – stories from a place of imagination and wisdom far beyond their years. Crystal feels a strong bond with Southern US culture, though she’s never been “anywhere other than Florida.” We know she’s been there in her heart and soul – the lyrics and melodies are authentic and honest.

The women also drew us into their lives by sharing the meaning of songs that have influenced them in their lives. Each song reminded them of a specific vacation, a family event, or a dance party in their kitchen. We were able to join them on the musical journey of their childhood with the visual images they described so vividly.


Beautiful memories have guided their lives in a musical direction – the sisters have launched a Facebook page, and are about to publish their songs on Soundcloud. Their sound is so lovely, with complimentary vocals and upbeat acoustic guitars. Angela adds a personally designed kickdrum, for an absolutely perfect percussive element.


We are so grateful to Crystal and Angela. They made us laugh, played gorgeous music for us, and gave us sweet memories to cherish. These sisters are a treasure, and we cannot wait to see where they go from here! You can check out their music videos on YouTube  and see their photos on Instagram  And see all of Teri Brigg’s pictures on Pacasa.

You can find more information about upcoming shows and new music from Crystal and Angela at