If you’re looking for music that grounds, supports and uplifts, lend an ear to Indie-rock band Brule’.

Based in South Dakota and led by musician / songwriter Paul LaRoche, Brule’s brand of music is evocative and comforting. The band’s unique sound combines tasteful guitar with snippets of the beautiful Lakota language. Imaginative percussion includes rain sticks. Flute and keyboards round things out.

 “Buffalo Moon” from their “We the People” album is a shining example of the power of their music.

Have a listen:

About Brule’

Paul LaRoche, Brule’s founder, grew up in southwest Minnesota. Drawn to music at an early age, LaRoche always knew he was adopted. However, he knew nothing of his heritage.

After losing both his adoptive parents in the same year, his wife discovered his adoption papers. Eventually LaRoche was united with his biological Lakota family. 

Re-entering the music world in the relatively new genre of contemporary Native American music, he’s been making music ever since. 

Longest running concert special

The band can often be found performing at Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota.

Brule’ performing at Crazy Horse Memorial

Brule’: Live at Mount Rushmore” is the longest running Native American concert special to air on national television (PBS).

And Best of Brule’ 1 & 2 is an enticing array of tracks spanning their 23-year career.

You might also enjoy powerful “Stomp Dance” and autobiographical, poignant “Dakota Rainstorm.”

Above all, don’t miss  “Star People” on Brule’s Greatest Hits #1.

You can find Brule’s music on iTunes , or buy directly from their website.

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