The Early Link – Race and Racism in Education

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This is a special segment, because it marks the 75th episode of The Early Link Podcast!

Here, host Rafael Otto speaks with Dr. Marvin Lynn who most recently served as the dean at Portland State University’s Graduate School of Education. He has served as dean and professor at universities across the country, and started his career as an elementary and middle school teacher. Also, he has conducted research that explores the work and lives of Black male teachers and the impact of teacher beliefs on Black students. He is an internationally recognized expert on race and education, serves on the board for the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, and an elected member and vice chair of the Tigard-Tualatin school board. Additionally, he is an editor for the recently updated Handbook of Critical Race Theory in Education.



For nearly three decades, Dr. Marvin Lynn has worked as an elementary and middle school teacher and has served as a professor and administrator in institutions of higher education for the last twenty years. He is a nationally recognized expert on race and the education of BIPOC learners. He has published dozens of research articles, book chapters, opinion pieces, and an edited book on these topics. He serves on several state and national boards including the Carnegie Project for the Education Doctorate, the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Providence Hospitals’ Oregon Community Ministry Board, the Oregon Educator Advancement Council, and the Oregon Educator Equity Advisory Group. Dr. Lynn resides in the Bull Mountain area and is married to Adwoa Lynn who is a Registered Nurse at Providence St. Vincent. They are parents to three academically successful and athletically involved boys: Kwabena, Naasei, and Sidney.


Firstly, Dr. Lynn gives us an update on his sabbatical and his further work on Critical Race Theory (CRT). He then unpacks the concept of creating an anti-racist lens in the education world and what that might look like. Next, they discuss some of the data on the achievement gap that affects not only students of color, but educators of color in the current system; and how this can be addressed in the early childhood sphere. Subsequently, Dr. Lynn notes why diversity in this particular workforce is necessary for all, and the current direction of the education profession on that front. Following this, he notes what he believes is going on in this national context around CRT, and what he wants people to know. Finally, he talks about his contribution to the the handbook of critical race theory and education (that has recently been updated), and his thoughts his hopes for the future of education and for our kids in this country.


Additional Resources:

Critical Race Theory: A Brief History


Rafael Otto, Director of Communications, Children’s Institute

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