The Early Link – Building an Infrastructure for Early Learning & Care with Alyssa Chatterjee

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On our newest episode, host Rafael Otto speaks with Alyssa Chatterjee. She is the fifth Early Learning System Director and will oversee the transition as the division becomes the Department of Early Learning and Care. Alyssa was among the first employees at the Early Learning Division, when it was formally created. She has served under Governor Kate Brown as deputy education policy advisor and has focused on early learning policy for the state since 2012.




First, Alyssa gives background on how and why this became her career path and its importance to her. Next, they discuss the Department of Early Learning and Care and how its creation will affect children and families in Oregon. Then, Alissa talks about how her work on the Children’s Cabinet and Racial Justice Council will show up in her new role, and what racial justice and equity means in the early childhood sector. Following that, she notes some of the challenges she’s faced in this job, some lessons learned along the way, and what she thinks the early learning system will look like down the road.



Rafael Otto, Director of Communications, Children’s Institute

~ Thanks to Children’s Institute, working to ensure that every child in Oregon has the best start in life

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