Tasty Tuesday : Tired & Pour — Coffee & Pizzelles

Tired & Pour logo imprinted on the side of a brown paper bag

One’s experience in life can have a direct effect on what you choose to do when you feel it’s time for a change. For Erik and Tiffany of the Tired & Pour food cart, that meant moving to Portland and opening a food cart (I’m sensing a theme, again) whose name reflected why they chose the Pacific Northwest.

Tired & Pour logo imprinted on the side of their bright blue food cartaTired & Pour logo imprinted on the side of their bright blue food cart

Originally from the state capitol of Oregon’s southern neighbor, Erik and Tiffany were, as they put it, ‘tired of being tired and poor.’ Having both expressed a desire to move to the Great Pacific Northwest, even during their very first conversation, in 2015 they acted on their desire and moved to Portland.

Tired & Pour logo imprinted on the side of a white takeaway coffee cup

Tired & Pour opened in the Belmont Street Eats food cart pod in June of 2015 (just three days prior to their appearance on Tasty Tuesday) serving coffee from St. Johns Coffee Roasters. Their menu also features what many refer to as the world’s oldest form of cookie. An Italian dessert known as pizzelles. Lillebø pizzelles to be precise as the recipe is a variation on one handed down from Tiffany’s grandmother.

Within a rich and diverse culinary landscape such as Portland, where unique cultural foods are not uncommon, Tired & Pour has managed to bring to the table their pizzelles which are not to be found anywhere else in PDX. Not only that, but the variations they offer may be unique in the world.

Tired & Pour logo imprinted on a sticker label adhering to a clear cellophane bag of pizzelles

Pizzelles are a thin, crisp waffle-like cookie that is baked in a special iron that was handed down from Tiffany’s grandmother. As the pizzelle bakes, the iron gives each cookie a different surface design to each side.

A close up image of pizzelles showing the texture made by the pizzelle iron

The classic pizzelle is flavored with anise (the flavor of black licorice). Tired and Pour also makes pizzelles flavored with vanilla, peanut butter, toasted coconut, chocolate, and even a bacon-maple pizzelle (because apparently in Portland it’s an unwritten law that your menu must include at least one baconized item). In fact they even use the pizzelles to make ice cream sandwiches.

You can find Tired & Pour at 3423 SE Belmont. They’re open 8 AM till 3 PM weekdays except Tuesdays. Tuesday they’re closed. Weekend hours are 9 AM till 3 PM both Saturday and Sunday.

Listen now as Steven Shomler and Ken Wilson talk with Erik and Tiffany Lillebø of the Tired & Pour food cart about following your desire and Old World cookies.

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