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Rip City Sandwiches food cart

Buying sandwiches is good for the environment. At least according to Rip City Sandwiches of the Cartlandia food cart pod on 82nd Ave. Rip City Sandwiches has made the connection between planting trees and sandwiches possible. Buy any item from their menu and they will donate funds to plant trees through Eden Projects.org. The trees are used in reforestation projects around the world.

roast beef sandwich from Rip City Sandwiches

The creation of Dan Clausen and Sam Jeffers, Rip City Sandwiches got its start in the kitchen of a restaurant. Sam was the chef and Dan was a line cook. Dan was working in the restaurant while attending college at Central Washington University and majoring in business and accounting. After Dan graduated college, he and Sam purchased a food cart and Rip City Sandwiches was born.

Rip City Sandwiches menu features sandwiches made with local artisan breads as well as soups. Each menu item is made with locally-sourced ingredients. The prime rib sandwich is the best seller. It has a horseradish aioli , beer-braised onions, Swiss cheese, local bread and a wonderful au jus. If you’re hardcore, you can order this sandwich with straight horseradish.

rip city sandwiches clam chowder

Soups are also part of the menu with clam chowder available each day. You can also choose the soup-of-the-day which might be something like the roasted zucchini bisque or a number of other cart-made choices.

Cartlandia sign

Rip City Sandwiches is located in the Cartlandia food cart pod. Hours are 11 A.M. to 9 P.M. You can also have your food deivered either through GrubHub or by calling the cart directly. Information is available at the Rip City Sandwiches website.

Listen as Steven Shomler and Ken Wilson talk with their mouths full while interviewing Dan Clausen and Sam Jeffers of Rip City Sandwiches.

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