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What do you do as a hungry, not-a-lot-of-cash college student, looking to get some good food but, you’re not a cook? You call Mom of course. Because Mom knows how to make satisfying food on a budget. While attending U of O, David Jefferson called his Mom to get her recipe for spaghetti. Something he had always enjoyed growing up. Little did he know that learning to cook his mother’s spaghetti would one day be the cornerstone of a business.

Peaches Ready Spaghetti Tshirt saying the Spaghetti Saved My Life

With fond memories of his mother Veronica’s spaghetti, David decided to start a food cart featuring his mother’s spaghetti. And so Peaches Ready Spaghetti opened as one way for David to honor his mother’s memory. The ground beef and Kielbasa sausage spaghetti is especially good. The menu also includes spaghetti with turkey or ground beef.

Peaches Ready Spaghetti sidewalk sign

Just to be sure we’re clear, in case you’re wondering, there are no peaches in the spaghetti. The Peaches Ready Spaghetti food cart is named after David’s mother who’s nickname was Peaches. Although, don’t be surprised if in the future you do find spaghetti that includes peaches on the menu.

David himself will admit that when he sees an opportunity he’s the kind of person who will jump right in without being really sure how to accomplish the task or even if he’ll succeed. The Peaches Ready Spaghetti food cart was no exception.

Peaches Ready Spaghetti spaghetti

With a simple menu featuring his modifications to his mother’s recipe for spaghetti, David opened his food cart in September of 2014 with the intention of bringing his take on his Mom’s spaghetti recipe to the food culture of Portland. The fact that Peaches is the only food cart in PDX serving spaghetti as a unique menu item was to David an advantage.

David’s vision for the future of Peaches Ready Spaghetti includes the possibility of such adaptations as barbecue, pulled pork and most likely to be the next on the menu, a meatless variation on the Peaches Ready spaghetti.

Peaches Ready Spaghetti food cart

Peaches Ready Spaghetti can be found at 5800 NE Martin Luther King Boulevard between Killingsworth and Ainsworth. The cart is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 AM to 7 PM.

Listen now as Steven Shomler and Ken Wilson talk with David “Mr. Exclusive” Jefferson about his food cart Peaches Ready Spaghetti.

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  1. Ken Black
    Ken Black says:

    Outstanding interview for an awesome guy! I loved it! He motivates others to pursure their passions. How do I get an interview to tell my story about my small business?


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