Calling your establishment a Cajun restaurant means y’all must do more than offer spicy food and blackened meat. Serving food that is truly authentic Cajun and Creole cuisine, requires y’alls ingredients must come from Louisiana and not just any part of Louisiana either. Nor does it hurt that y’all actually be a Cajun, cher.

The A Cajun Life food cart, located at 4262 SE Belmont in the Good Food Here pod, sources their ingredients from the owner Chris Fontenot’s hometown of Eunice, LA. Chris flies the Tasso and the Louisiana sausage used in his dishes directly from Eunice.


Established in 2013, The A Cajun Life food cart soon had crawfish boilin’ and gumbo simmering. Limiting the menu to just 5 items keeps the focus on quality and authentic flavors. Proof of the wisdom of a small menu can be discovered in such offerings as The Bayou Boogie and The Authentic Cajun Gumbo. Also on the menu is Crawfish Étouffeé, Red Beans & Rice and Crawfish Pistolettes.


The Bayou Boogie has chicken, Louisiana sausage and Tasso served gravy-style over rice. The Authentic Cajun Gumbo is chock full of Tasso, Louisiana sausage and chicken, slow-cooked at least two hours to make sure “all the flavors are fully mature” and served in a roux-based sauce over rice.


A Cajun Life is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. A Cajun Life is featured in two books, Portland Food Carts Stories and the Trailer Food Diaries Cookbook, Portland Edition Vol. 2. These books can be found at all the appropriate book stores and online sources.

Spend a few moments listening as Tasty Tuesday host Steven Shomler talks with Chris Fontenot about Cajun cuisine and his unique-to-PDX food cart A Cajun Life.

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