The MF Tasty food cart who's home is the Beech Pod at NE Beech and Mississippi.

For Eric and Nicole Gitenstein it was an epiphany they had while walking through downtown Portland. They realized they could save money by living in Portland rather than making the frequent flights to and from Phoenix, Arizona to snowboard on Mt. Hood. Thus the journey to establish the MF Tasty food cart was begun.

Eric Gitenstein of the MF Tasty food cart located at the Beech Pod at NE Beech and Mississippi.

Eric had been working as a chef in Arizona for ten years. While in Phoenix, Eric also had a secret supper club that “for one night only” would offer themed menus. It was during his time in Phoenix and Arizona in general that Eric came to love the Southwestern style of cooking. Southwestern cooking blends the influences of Spanish, Mexican, and Native American cuisines.

The roasted corn soup from the MF Tasty food cart located at the Beech Pod at NE Beech and Mississippi.

Having moved to Portland following that epiphany, with the intension of opening a food cart, Eric and Nicole chose to offer the style of food that they so much enjoyed. That’s why they refer to the menu of MF Tasty as, “Southwest inspired, Portland made.” The phrase also refers to the amazing local food products that Portland and Oregon have to offer.

MF Tasty (let’s just say the MF stands for ‘mighty fine’) has a core seasonal menu that will be available for extended periods. This core menu has items like the Tortilla Español. A Spanish frittata of poached potatoes, smoked pasilla chiles, cinnamon-chili caramelized onion and egg. It is served with a Spanish saffron aioli made with slow-roasted garlic, scratch-made mayonnaise and saffron from Spain.

The Tortilla Español from the MF Tasty food cart located at the Beech Pod at NE Beech and Mississippi.

Weekly specials will also be offered. Watch the social media sites of MF Tasty to be the first to know the latest special. At the time this blog was written one of the specials was the Sonoran Dog. An American Kobe Beef hot dog wrapped in bacon (BACON!), with mayonnaise, diced onion, and tomato. Eric adds house-made pinto beans, a smashed avocado, cart-made tomatillo salsa, topped with a little bit of cilantro.

The american Kobe beef Sonoran Dog from the MF Tasty food cart located at the Beech Pod at NE Beech and Mississippi.

MF Tasty can be found at the Beech Pod which is located at the corner of NE Beech and Mississippi. MF Tasty’s neighbors are Moberi, Tiffen Asha, and Gabagool. The Beech Pod is right across the street from Stormbreaker Brewing. MF Tasty is open Wednesday through Sunday, 11 AM till 8 PM.

Listen now as Steven Shomler and Ken Wilson talk with Eric (“no, we don’t make chicken tacos”) Gitenstein of the MF Tasty food cart and the meaning behind “Southwest Inspired, Portland Made.”

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