Who knew that you had to consult The Weather Channel to make bagels? That’s what Joel Bundy of Bundy’s Bagels does every morning. Apparently bagels are very sensitive to temperature and humidity. Fail to check the weather and your bagels will be less than stellar.

A selection of bagels from Bundy's Bagels which is owend by Joel Bundy

Opened in June of 2014, Bundy’s Bagels survived the all-important first winter. Oddly, Bundy’s got started because Joel was very bored one day. So he checked the interwebs and discovered that baking was a good remedy for boredom. Checking further, Joel discovered bagels and the rest is seven years of history.

Bundy’s is located at 1421 SE 33rd and Hawthorne. Actually you’ll find the cart along with three others a very short walk north of Hawthorne off of an alleyway. The cart is open Wednesday through Monday from 6 AM till 3 PM. Bundy’s also delivers.

A selection of bagels from Bundy's Bagels which is owend by Joel Bundy

Joel serves four different styles of bagels. There’s the plain, the poppy seed, the sesame seed and the everything bagel. Prepared in the traditional way in which the bagels are first boiled with barely malt syrup and then baked.

You will also find several different flavors of cream cheese that you can spread on your bagel. Besides the plain cream cheese there is pesto basil, pomegranate honey and the crowd favorite, the jalapeno lime.

The Holey Roast bagel from Bundy's Bagels which is owend by Joel Bundy

Joel also offers sandwiches prepared with the bagel of your choice. Both breakfast and lunch-style sandwiches are available. The sandwiches have names like; The Example (bacon, egg and cheese), The Holey Roast (roast beef with cheddar cheese), The Italian and The Bundy among others. You can even build your own custom version of the bagel sandwich from the various ingredients.

Listen now as Steven Shomler and Ken Wilson talk with Joel Bundy about his unconventional journey from stand-up comedian on through trumpeter and garbage man to arrive at bagel entrepreneur.