What is one way you tell when you’ve suceeded as a food cart in Portland? Your customers call you and demand to know why you’re not open. According to Cathy Evanson and David Beavers (Go Seminoles!) of the Maine Street Lobster Company, this happens frequently when patrons discover that the food cart is either closed or has sold out of inventory for the day.

The Maine Street Lobster Company food cart at Cartlandia

That may be why the Maine Street Lobster Company has also been twice-named one of the top ten food carts in Portland even though they’ve only been open since October of 2013.

It also doesn’t hurt that you’re one of the few places in Portland (and the only food cart) to have lobster that is flown in fresh each day from the state of Maine (mental image—lobsters walking up the jetway pulling their carry-ons, after taking the red eye from New England, asking; “Does the MAX go to Cartlandia?”). They even have their authentic Cajun spices flown in from Louisiana.

The Lobster Po’ Boy from The Maine Street Lobster Company food cart at Cartlandia

The Maine Street Lobster Company is the unique Portland food cart that specializes in fresh-daily seafood. Mainly lobster, but should you have the desire for crab cakes, or snow crab legs, or shrimp, or even scallops, you can get those tasty treats as well. And each Mother’s Day, an extremely popular special is offered, Lobster Benedict. Warning: The Lobster Benedict (when it’s available) sells out very quickly.

The Lobster Benedict from The Maine Street Lobster Company food cart at Cartlandia

According to Nor’ Easter’s who’ve dined at the Maine Street Lobster Company, the lobster rolls and lobster po’ boys are as good or better than the ones that can be had on the East Coast and in New England. It might have something to do with the Cajun rémoulade sauce, or the clarified butter sauce, or the cart-made cocktail sauce that is used to dress the lobster rolls, po’ boys, crab cakes and shrimp.

The Crab Cakes from The Maine Street Lobster Company food cart at Cartlandia

Also, if you’re willing to call ahead, and stem your anticipation for a day, you can order the lobster pot pies. You can either take them to bake at home or, if you provide a pick up time, you can enjoy them piping hot right there at Cartlandia.

The Maine Street Lobster Company can be found in the Cartlandia food cart pod at 8145 SE 82nd Avenue. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11:30 A.M to 7:30 P.M., and Sundays 12 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. Mondays the cart is closed.

Listen now as Steven Shomler and Ken Wilson talk with David Beavers about his amazing crustacean creations that can only be experienced at the Maine Street Lobster Company.