By Ken Wilson |

When was the last time you were at a local food cart and ordered your food by uttering the words, “Yo, Adrian!” Or asked to take on Smokin’ Joe, Apollo Creed, the Raging Bull or the Broad Street Bully? At Steak Your Claim you can do just that.

Located on SW Washington between 9th and 10th, Steak Your Claim brings authentic Philly street food to Portland. And your Broad Street Bully cheesesteak will be made wit’ whiz the way they’re made on Passyunk Avenue.

cheesesteak sandwich from the Steak Your Claim food cart

Matt Schiffman and Sam Mouzon specifically came to the Rose City to open their food cart with a menu comprised of the signature street foods of Philadelphia and New York. After having surveyed a number of locations for their food cart across several states (including Colorado and California), Matt and Sam chose Portland.

With 31 years of hospitality experience between them, Matt and Sam determined to bring Portland “the best thing in meat and bread since meat and bread.” Using local ingredients, all the fixin’s (sauces, meats, bacon, pickles) are produced right in the cart and combined with breads especially made by the Pearl Bakery for Steak Your Claim.

Characters from the City of Brotherly Love, Matt’s home town, furnish names for a number of menu items at Steak Your Claim. Philly-inspired offerings on the menu pay tribute to the 70’s Philadelphia Flyers, Flyers tough guy Dave “The Hammer” Schultz, Smokin’ Joe Frazier and the film “Rocky.”

The “Broad Street Bully” (classic cheesesteak, wit’ or wit’out onions) commemorates the Flyers of the 70’s; Smokin’ Joe Frazier is honored with the “Smokin’ Joe Steak” (Ma’s chili, cheese whiz and corn chips); Dave Schultz is saluted with “The Hammer Steak” (provolone, bacon, grilled onion, malt vinegar aioli, and white truffle oil).

Sam’s home town of New York adds “The Raging Bull” to the menu. Order “The Raging Bull” and you’ll get cart-made pastrami on a roll with crispy onions, Chipotle mayo, Jalapeños, and Whiz.

Beast Mode fries from the Steak Your Claim food cart of Portland, Oregon

For Seahawks fans, you can get your fries in Beast Mode. This will add pastrami or rib eye to your straight or curly fries which may already have toppings such as jalapeños, Ma’s chili, Whiz, onions, white truffle oil and Sneaky Little Pig bacon.

Listen now as Steven Shomler and Ken Wilson talk with Matt Schiffman of the Steak Your Claim food cart about his and Sam’s passion for making street food whose flavor cannot be defeated.