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Talk Modern on Sounds of PDX

Emerging synth-pop duo Talk Modern recently joined me on air for an in-depth interview and surprise listen to the entirety of their forthcoming EP, XO. After connecting over social media, the band give me an early listen to the tracks off of XO, which will be available September 12th. I was an instant fan of the music and wanted to ask Nicholas Donez and Josh Collopy how this project came together. Because they draw influences from 80’s pop and rock, their music has a very tangible sense of nostalgia for me. That nostalgia is accompanied by modern-day production and unforgettable hooks that will keep these tracks on your personal playlists for some time to come. In the podcast you will here the band’s stories and vast influences ranging from Whitney Houston to Dr. Dre. The highlight of the evening for me was listening to the EP with the guys and seeing the PRP Talk Board explode with praise. I want to thank Talk Modern for the opportunity to debut the XO EP and taking the time out to be on the show.

Please enjoy my interview and playlist with Talk Modern.


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