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Diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (also known as High Functioning Autism) at the age of 14, Jonathan Chase is an autism advocate, TedX presenter, Board Member of the Autism Society of Oregon and mentor to parents and youth.

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Michele Van Kleef invited Kris Deelane and guitarist Mark Bowden of the Hurt,  to talk about their 11 -piece band with back-up singers and a horn section as they ready for a Motown Revue at Dante’s this Wednesday night, March … Continue Reading

If you like family drama, if you enjoy the political world and all its squabbles, have to endure “Uncle Bob” at holiday dinners, Other Desert Cities is the play for YOU.  Secrets, truths, lies, pretense and the showing of a … Continue Reading

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In a sea of public and private schools in Portland, Summa Institute stands out. With a mission “to awaken the inherent greatness of humanity”, Summa Institute is a non-profit organization located in Downtown Portland that is … Continue Reading

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Being the new kid is hard. Being the new kid every year is harder. But being the new kid, wearing too-small, well-worn hand-me-downs is the worst.

Everyone has experienced the nervous anxiety that comes with walking … Continue Reading

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When was the last time you were at a local food cart and ordered your food by uttering the words, “Yo, Adrian!” Or asked to take on Smokin’ Joe, Apollo Creed, the Raging Bull or the … Continue Reading

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As a kid, I’d walk to the library once a week and check out as many books as I could carry home in my arms. I was forever wandering through the aisles with a sense of … Continue Reading

Combine a Chinese crepe (yes, there is such a thing), a scrambled egg, chili sauce, pickled veggies, a wonton cracker plus a bunch more ingredients and what have you got? Jianbing from the Bing Mi! food cart.

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Buying sandwiches is good for the environment. At least according to Rip City Sandwiches of the Cartlandia food cart pod on 82nd Ave. Rip City Sandwiches has made the connection between planting trees and sandwiches possible. Buy any item from … Continue Reading

If your sweet tooth is not satisfied after a visit to the Hungry Heart, there is something truly wrong with you. This is not your typical artisan bakery. Take for example their most popular cupcake, the Sweet ‘N’ Salty.… Continue Reading