In Search of a Cure: Susan G. Komen


You’ve probably heard of the work the nonprofit Susan G. Komen does – they’re that kind of an organization.

And their Oregon/SW Washington branch is no different. Through outreach, advocacy, education and collaboration with medical institutions, Komen seeks to battle breast cancer and find a cure to this disease. It’s a huge challenge and an endeavor that calls for energy in  many different areas. Here are some of the programs Komen devotes itself to:

Early Detection: Komen works to get women educated and screened, because breast cancer has no cure. Therefore early detection is crucial to promoting a better survival rate.

Treatment Access: Breast cancer affects women of every social class, and all should have equal opportunity to receive care, support and education. Komen works to reduce financial barriers to breast cancer treatment.

Survivor Support: Dealing with cancer is tough, and sometimes survival isn’t the end of the battle. Komen offers resources and support networks for women who need care after the fight.

Research: So much is unknown about cancer, and research is a long process. Komen donates millions to finding a cure to this disease.

Advocacy: Someone needs to represent breast cancer patients and survivors. Komen steps up to do that, pushing for rights and funding.

This week on PRP we featured Susan G. Komen of Oregon and SW Washington as part of our award-winning Community Voices series. Listen below to interview we held throughout the week with key members of the organization:

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