Imagine this: Less than 25 surgeons serving population of over 6.25 million.

In Sierra Leone, that’s a reality. The county’s recent civil war (which only ended in 2003) left the nation devastated. The near total destruction of the county’s infrastructures, social services and education system has made it difficult for people to rebuild and make progress. And while some headway has been made, Sierra Leone is still one of the top 10 poorest counties in the world.

The country’s medical services are also still suffering. Routine medical care is unavailable to most, and the average life expectancy in Sierra Leone is 55 years. It also has one of the highest death rate of newborn babies in the first 24 hours in the world.

To lend a hand and help the medical community in Sierra Leone rebuild, the nonprofit Surg+Restore works bring medical knowledge to the county. Since it’s founding in 2016, Surg+Restore (in partnership with the UK nonprofit ReSurge/Africa) has put 100 percent of its funds to providing native Sierra Leonean medical personnel with training, and education. they make it possible to maintain  a sustainable Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Burn Unit in Makeni, Sierra Leone.

Currently, the nonprofit is working towards the goal of training two plastic

Our goals are to train 2 plastic surgeons and 2 anesthesiologists to support the center.  Additional funds are being directed to construct interior and exterior supply buildings/areas, a teaching classroom, professional nursing instructors and medical supplies and equipment.

Surg+Restore has envisioned, at least, a 10 year commitment for self sustainability in Sierra Leone.  Private donations are essential to train our physicians, for as little as $1300-1500 US a month.

This week on Portland Radio Project we featured Surg+Restore as part of our award-winning Community Voices series. interviews with select member of the organization can be listened to below: