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  1. Angel O'Brien
    Angel O'Brien says:

    Hi Heather, I’ve been a big fan of PRP for several months now, although today is the first time that I have had the pleasure of listening to The Bus Stop. I was sad when I had to leave and turn the radio off. There were several times today while listening that I almost thought I was going to hear a song by this local band that I found out about recently. They are Matthew Fountain and the Whereabouts. I can’t really describe their music, but I so greatly enjoyed listening to the lyrics and music and would LOVE to hear them on the radio. From what I understand they are in the process of releasing their first album, so right now all that is available to the public is a single or two. Maybe as a DJ, you’re able to procure more of their music than Joe Public? Anyway, I’m excited to hear more music from these folks and thought that it might interest you as well. The single that was released at The Liquor Store show they had last month was called “Written on Your Wall”. I admit, I’ve already played it a zillion times. : )

    Thanks and I look forward to becoming a regular listener of The Bus Stop, I greatly enjoyed your mix of music.


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