It’s not an actual, gasoline-powered VW bus.

Super Groovy Cosmic Bus - Heather Hanson

But, for Heather Hanson, her inspiring mini-minivan has a lot of dreampower.

Welcome to Super Groovy Cosmic Bus Entertainment, a unique, ever-evolving project created by Ms. Hanson not long after she moved to Portland a few years ago.

Heather’s project centers around the travels of a toy VW Bus, the places it goes, the music it hears, the art it experiences, and people it meets.

Robert Parish & Olya PRP

Heather came by PRP, with her bus of course, and talked with Robert Parish  and Olya.

Take a listen:

Check out Super Groovy Cosmic Bus on Heather’s You Tube Channel.


Robert Parish

Robert Parish has more than three decades of experience as a writer, producer, director, editor, videographer and voiceover artist. During his career, Parish has won dozens of national awards for his scriptwriting and video production efforts.

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