When I first arrived in Portland from NYC, I heard Portland (before it got Brooklynized) very often described as a “big cow-town”.  I guess that spoke to a bit of the provinciality and  maybe even the wild wild west aspect of many of the older neighborhoods. So we go to Kenton, in the far reaches of North Portland. Lisa Lepine tells me Kenton was where all the cattle yards were in the early days. It was just far enough from the central city, that shipments came through Kenton and gritty stuff got done there. So of course, now in 2015, some of our most creative spirits are recycling the past and making it all cool for the present, in Kenton! Here’s how to embrace this best-kept secret.




Speaking of Brooklyn, the “Lumbersexual” might be all the rage in our sister city on the East Coast, but I truly suspect it was born right here in River City, in the Kenton neighborhood. Brother and sister act, Preston & Rachel Browning, the proprietors of Salvage Works, celebrate the grand opening of their new space as well as five​ years in business. They also debut the first of four summer concerts held on their hand built courtyard stage as they expand their Third Thursday event.


Preston Browning of Salvage Works


Lisa, designer of the event, spoke to me about the first of the Summer Third Thursday series. It is FREE, great for the fam, doesn’t go late (haha), and features music, great beer, and artists who work  in the most inventive, and recycled from the past, ways.



Five years ago, Salvage Works’s first gallery show featured scroll saw artist Janet Julian. Janet’s whimsical folk art is accessible, but with a sophistication that turns browsers into collectors. Janet incorporates ephemera and other treasures she finds digging through Salvage Work’s dollar bins and turns the material into mermaids, winged creatures and uncanny portraits.

20150612_173854 (1)

Janet Julian with her “standie” in process to be debuted at third thursday salvage summer concert. The standie wax made with 100% recyled materials, including the paint.



FEATURED MUSIC: Alexa Wiley & The Wilderness

Alexa is celebrating a new, highly acclaimed album produced by Gregg Williams (Wilco, Sheryl Crow)​. Alexa is a perfect fit for this debut event.  You heard “Blue Paint” at the end of my conversation with Lisa. Here’s the video. Find out more about Alexa and her newest album HERE.