Portland Radio Project served as the sponsor for the screening of Strictly Sacred:  The Story of Girl Trouble. The film screened at this year’s Reel Music Festival presented by NW Film Center.

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The documentary is about Tacoma band, Girl Trouble, who has been together and playing for the past thirty years. Family member and filmmaker, Issac Olsen, spent about a year making this film highlighting some of the main events around the group’s adventures playing in the Pacific Northwest and on various tours. The film features many of the band’s greatest tunes and the soundtrack is available on CD.

The band is much loved by its fans as several were in the audience and clearly thrilled to be to see the film. This was made evident by the number of thoughtful questions asked after the film. There was the added treat of having drummer, Bon Von Wheelie, in the audience as well.  Bon is the filmmaker’s aunt, by the way.


(L) Director, Issac Olsen – (R) Drummer, Bon Von Wheelie

From the NW Film Center web site:

Tacoma garage rock band Girl Trouble has always traveled on their own unique and idiosyncratic musical path. For over 30 years, they have been standard- bearers for the collaborative spirit and do-it-yourself aesthetic that the Northwest’s indie rock scene was founded on. Director Isaac Olsen weaves together the band’s treasure trove of treasured memorabilia with present-day interviews with the band’s numerous collaborators, including Neko Case, Calvin Johnson, and Art Chantry. But ultimately, Olsen wisely lets the band members tell the story of their journey from self-proclaimed “weirdos” to Tacoma’s local champions and defenders of rock and roll.

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Here is a review by Seattle Weekly about the film.  The band’s next gig is November 23 in Seattle with a celebration of the 25th anniversary re-release of their album, Hit It Or Quit It. Check out the band’s web site as it is chock full of information, show posters, music and all kinds of ‘weird’ goodness!

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