2016-02-18 22.15.00

Photo by Felica Cole

This week on Sounds of PDX, our topic was “The best frontmen & frontwomen in music”. Our special guest co-host was Travis Williams, lead singer of The Adio Sequence. Travis is known for his powerful voice and high energy performances, so this was the perfect opportunity for Luke to get inside the head of a strong frontman. Luke and Travis played selections from artists who are influential, iconic, and help define what it means to lead a band. They spoke about the impact of artists like Brandon Boyd (Incubus), Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audio Slave), and Gwen Stefani (No Doubt). Listeners also enjoyed tracks from two of Travis’s bands, Mosby (previous project) and his current band, The Adio Sequence. Travis also opened up about his songwriting process, love for pop culture, and the importance of style in the business. The two had plenty of company on the PRP Talk Board that evening as listeners shared their similar appreciation for the artists on the playlist.

Special thanks to Travis for making it a night to remember on Sounds of PDX.

For more information on The Adio Sequence: Facebook