A few years back I was listening to mostly Brit Rock bands for their trademark ambient and anthemic sound. This is why I was so pleased to discover Holidae House, a PDX  group that echoed all these same qualities. After months of featuring their music on my other PRP shows I finally had to opportunity to sit down with the band for an in-depth and heartfelt interview.

In the first hour of the show we learned about the band’s long history and the interesting circumstances that helped shape this project. Our playlist highlighted a handful of artists that have influenced the members and sound of Holidae House over the years. I share a lot of the band’s favorites, including Radiohead, Mutemath, Doves, Tame Impala, and My Morning Jacket. During the second hour of the program we played selected tracks off of their Self Titled EP , the latest single, Wild Eyes Turn Red, and a few tracks off of a forthcoming release. One of my favorite parts of interviewing bands is hearing about the production and recording process of the songs we showcase on the air. One example of this was learning about the band’s approach to working with producer, Eric Lemiere on Wild Eyes Turn Red. Hearing the band talk about their level of satisfaction with that single definitely gave me a greater appreciation for the song. I want to thank Holidae House for being on the show and sharing their stories with me.

Please enjoy my interview Holidae House.