Fresh off the heals of releasing the “Tamale EP”, the band Shannon Entropy joined me in studio for this weeks show. The members of the band and I played selections from their influences including The Flaming Lips, Boards of Canada, Minus The Bear, and many more. I’m a fan of the Tamale EP so I wanted to ask them about making the recordings. The band spoke about working with producer Cameron Spies from the band Radiation City and how the project grew organically into what it is today.

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During the second hour we listened to all of the Tamale EP with the exception of the song “Eyes of Blue” which they performed for us live in studio. Listeners from all over the country submitted questions on the talk board about touring and new music. The band was more than gracious with their time and talent, I hope to have them back in the studio soon.

Please enjoy the podcast and be sure to get your copy of the Tamale EP HERE!