It was such fun to have singer-songwriter, Hayley Lynn on Sounds of PDX. We talked about Hayley’s musical influences – and working with Portland producer, Kyle Devine. Kyle and Hayley recently released a 12 track LP called Bring on the FlamesWe played a handful of songs off of Bring on the Flames and other selections from Hayley’s catalog. She even performed an unreleased track called If You Show that lit up our Talk Board! Check out the podcast below.

Please enjoy my interview with Hayley Lynn.

Luke Neill

I host "Sounds of PDX" every Tuesday from 7-9pm.

At my core, I am a musician, songwriter, producer, studio owner/engineer, and, most importantly, a lover of all things music. It is my goal to help connect listeners to local artists. I believe we should all be searching for the next thing that inspires us.

I am originally from Arizona, where over many years, I played in several different independent bands in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. I put in many, many hours of grassroots-style promotion in order to get my bands heard. I am excited to be a part of Portland Radio Project where I can provide an avenue to local Portland musicians to share their art.
Luke Neill

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  1. Jen Em
    Jen Em says:

    “Haley Lynn” (spelled a little differently) was going to be my little sister’s name! They chose Jessica instead. Still love that name. Great show, you always put out some stellar work with heart, Luke


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