Hey there. It’s your roving PRP cub reporter — where I deliver news found while riding a bike.

I was out on a short spin this morning and passed by Wilshire Park just as lively group of participants in the Soul Stroll Wellness Walk were getting warmed up.  Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith was there to encourage everyone to make fitness a part of their daily lives.  She inspired the crowd with the story of her 36-pound weight loss and the great news of no longer being pre-diabetic.

Loretta Smith

Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith

She also invited people to find out more about ObamaCare at SEI, Self Enhancement, Inc.

About Soul Stroll

Presented by the African American Health Coalition, the Soul Stroll (Wellness Walk) is an event where the community comes together to celebrate, raise awareness of health disparities among the African American Community, and raise funds to sustain the physical activity program.

Soul Stroll

Great volunteers along the Soul Stroll course.