In this day and age we could all use a little good news or extra dose of happiness in the midst of the negativity we are surrounded by. The Sunday before this show we all witnessed the tragedy in Orlando unfold so I wanted to bring some positivity and love to the airwaves for our listeners. I was lucky enough to have recording artist, Berahmand join me with a selection of songs that he felt represented hope and unity. I must say this was also one of the most candid and personal interviews I have ever participated in. I was captivated by the thought process and outlook that Berahmand has on modern life, families, and helping others. Our PDX Spotlight Playlist featured songs from Bill Withers, Ben Harper, Elbow, Bob Marley, Patty Griffin and many other greats.


Photo by Sarah Neill

The playlist also featured Berahmand’s latest single “One Day You’ll Know” which is a meaningful and powerful song that was more than appropriate for this episodes topic. The Talk Board lit up with praise when we played the new single. Be sure to check out the video below and get your copy of “One Day You’ll Know” HERE! Last Saturday Berahmand played an incredible set at Solfest 2016 that benefits Snowcap Community Charities. It’s events like this that bring people together to enjoy good music and connections. Our interview also focused on what we can do to make positive changes in our lives. My biggest take away from Berahmand on this topic was that it’s our responsibility to create a better world but we have to better ourselves first. This was a really incredible evening for me and I left the studio uplifted and inspired.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Berahmand.

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Photos by Sarah Neill