Ever thought about entering a music competition? Different from American Idol or The Voice. This is all about YOUR original music. Enter “Up & Comin'”. Could be YOU.

Are You Up And Comin’?

As Willie Bum Bum Baker told me, the music industry thrives on “new artists”.  Also this observation from Willie: A successful song (and we all know what it is when we hear it) has melody  and perspective. I mean think about it. How many ways can you moan about a love gone bad, or right? We all have our story. SO TELL IT.

Music Contests

It’s not for everybody. Consider this. If you’ve been writing original songs by yourself, or with a band, this could be a crazy good experience. No celebrity judges. Just an audience,  a “people’s choice” based on likes, and comments and shares. Not a cover where you get compared to how good you are compared to the original.

We caught up with one of the show’s producers, Willie Bum Bum Baker, to find out what it takes to create a “hit” song and how to choose the one you should submit to the competition. You have until the March 31st deadline. Find out more HERE.

By the way, check it HERE to see what Willie is up to in Nashville with that rappin cowboy, Jessta James.


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