Sing to Feed - Amber Sweeney & Rob Rainwater

Even though our world appears as an enormous and often disconnected place, and events and people seem so distant and set apart from what might be important in our own backyard and for neighbors, family and friends we see in our daily lives, it all comes down to minute particulars of life, as it did with Sing To Feed. Using the leverage of music to share it forward.

Sing to Feed 2014

Special thanks to Josh Malm and Redwood Son, Amber Sweeney, Michele Van Kleef, and Andrew Paul Woodworth for their fantastic organizing and awesome performances!

And A Few Visual Highlights

More coming, but for now, Michele with her talented musicians in a striking opening moment. Tim Ellis, and the dynamic Jean-Pierre Garau on keyboards, among the fantastic players.

Sing to Feed is an idea Josh Malm Tree put together three years ago. Simple idea. Bring together musical friends to do a show and ask fans to bring food, blankets, jackets for the Sunshine Division. A solid way to open up into the “Season of Giving” and make it real. Josh has been working on some new music and if this is any indication, we are totally digging the direction. On board with Josh are  Just Johnny, Rob Rainwater and once again, Jean-Pierre.

WE talked about Sing to Feed recently. Josh gives the back story on the concept and hopes for the brand in the future.

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