It’s been too long since UK band Shopping released an album and toured the U.S. but their newest album, The Official Body, was well worth the wait. Their upbeat, post-punk style is something to be rivaled as they create signature guitar riffs over warm synths while vocalist and guitarist Rachel Aggs sings stridently throughout. It’s a style that the city of Portland clearly appreciates as Bunk Bar was packed for the three Brits.

After local favorites Lithics opened the show, Shopping came out and started with the first track off their new album, “The Hype.” At first note the crowd was already moving and the high-energy only grew from there. Aggs continuously jumped around on stage and leaned over the crowd to get them singing with her. Her bright smile was infectious and the band charmed the crowd with their foreign accents. Much of Shopping’s set consisted of their new music, including “Shave Your Head,” “Asking For A Friend,” “Wild Child,” and “Control Yourself” where drummer Andrew Milk takes the vocal lead.

When the band played their older tracks, “In Other Words” and “Take It Outside,” the crowd danced even harder and the feel-good energy was felt throughout the room. Their banter was enjoyable and the fun that they were having was infectious. During the show, Aggs gave shout outs to POC and LGBTQ communities, brought up a young crowd member to play the tambourine on stage with them, and at the end, jumped into the crowd as she chaotically riffed on her guitar. They even got the Lance Bangs seal of approval as he could be seen enjoying the band’s show from the crowd. Hopefully it doesn’t take so long for Shopping to return to the U.S. because Portland overwhelmingly welcomed them as if they were home.