On this episode of Sounds of PDX we had special guest, The Secret Sea drop in to talk about songwriting and his new LP, Everest. We also had local singer/songwriter GLASYS join us for a stellar PDX Spotlight playlist and our featured shows by Vortex Music Magazine.


I always enjoy talking about songwriting with artists because it gives me insight and a fresh perspective on the process. Amit Erez, the creative force behind The Secret Sea, has a purist approach to songwriting and where he gathers his inspiration. During the show we got to hear some of Amit’s songwriting influences including Yes, Sun Kil Moon, Robert Wyatt, and many more. We also got to hear about the relationship between projects such as the shared work between Amit and GLASYS. They have both contributed to each other’s recordings and live performances but have not written any songs together. Hear their thoughts on this and a handful of other great topics in the podcast below!

I hope you enjoy this insightful interview with our special guest, The Secret Sea and GLASYS.