spooky tunes

Nine spooky songs to set the mood for Halloween night.

9. “Lullaby” / The Cure

Creepy spiderman being sneaks into your room, with you being main course. No seconds for me, please.


8. “Me and the Devil Blues” / Robert Johnson

What could be scarier than the devil knocking on your door, first thing in the morning?


7. “Theme From Pyscho” / Bernard Herrmann

One of Hollywood’s best composers and compositions. Don’t close the shower curtain ever again.


6. “Feed My Frankenstein” / Alice Cooper

“I’ll blow down your house / and then I’m gonna eat ya.” Somehow, I have no doubt.


5. “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” / Bauhaus

Just listening to the screeching and tapped violins gives you the willies. Today, it would be a hip-hop song.


4. “The Raven” / Alan Parsons Project

Maybe it is all the sleepless nights courtesy of Mr. Poe, but the haunting interpretation of of “Tales of Mystery and Imagination” conjures up all kinds of disturbing mysteries and imagination.


3. “Every Breath You Take” / The Police

No more frightening description of stalking exists.


2. “I Walk on Guilded Splinters” / Dr. John

With mysterious African rhythms, the master of voodoo hoodoo comes in at a spooky #2 with a haunting track from his 1968 “Gris-Gris” album.


1. “The Exorcist Theme” – “Tubular Bells” / Mike Oldfield

Even if it has been years since you saw the movie, the opening piano notes from Oldfield’s classic will still bring up some goose bumps.


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