Sarah Billings

“Polished but raw, tutored but instinctive” is how Sarah Billings is described. I would add to that savvy, smart and loaded with talent. And probably a lot of that talent yet to be discovered and put on full display.

Fueled by Creativity and Passion

It’s a journey. Destination still not quite known. But it’s the trip that is most important. And for Sarah, a lot has already happened along the way. Portland’s own musical treasure Norman Sylvester has helped usher in that sense of assurance that is so apparent in Sarah.


Sarah and Jackie (at the keyboard) at Mountain Air Studio

Sarah and her bandmate Jackie stopped by to play a bit and talk a bit about how things have evolved. Sarah told me she first found her voice in church. Then, an official class in songwriting sealed the deal and Sarah’s been unable to look back, and hasn’t even wanted to. That is how addictive this music thing is! As for Jackie, she was classically trained at the piano and began learning how to stretch out into pop, R&B , soul and blues sounds on the keyboards.

Check out our interview at Mountain Air Studios and a song as well.

See the Sarah Billings Band Live

The band has a standing engagement at The Gemini Club every Wednesday evening.  And don’t miss a very special evening coming up Nov. 23 at The Aladdin Theatre. Portland Soundcheck will offer up the opportunity to see a range of homegrown music talent.

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