Singer/songwriter, music producer, and now forming a new band, makes Sam a true triple threat. This morning we were treated to solo Sam music and checked out the sound of his new band DamSensmore.




Sam admits he likes to fly by the seat of his pants when it comes to the bits of business a musical life entails. Thinking up band names, song titles, set lists. So naturally,  we had some fun trying to name a freshly written song he performed in the studio this morning. Also, the challenge of the morning was all about saying the name of his new band, DamSensmore, without faltering.

The new band is filling a need. Sometimes, you just have to have a group; to bring music to life in certain venues and for certain songs to work in the way you hear it in your head. Luckily, Sam felt the right set of musician had arrived into his life. And so Voila! A band it is.




And speaking of French. Eric John Kaiser hung out with us into the Sam Session from his own session right before this one, so we had professional help in wishing Sam a Happy Birthday. You’ll hear that in the conversation below. And we had a chance to talk about the third hat Sam wears; that of a producer. He spent the last year shaping LiquidLight’s new EP Reactionary.



A Few Additional Notes and Links





  • Sam’s Birthday show is on Thursday, January 14 at The White Eagle.
  • LiquidLight’s CD release is on Sunday, January 18 at Holocene
  • Find out more about Sam Densmore HERE.
  • LIsten to an In-Studio with LiquidLight HERE
  • Discover more about Eric John Kaiser HERE.