About three weeks before the release of the Salvatore EPrecording artist Salvatore Manalo joined me for a broadcast that featured his influences, new recordings, and a live performance.

Salvatore’s music is a genuine singer-songwriter approach to Blues and R&B. He showcases the best of these genres by combining skilled guitar work, stellar vocals, and memorable melodies. As a guitarist I loved hearing about some of the legends that have shaped his guitar tone and style of playing. While artists like Eric Clapton, Steely Dan, and Jimi Hendrix inspire his playing he draws vocal and songwriting influence from Allen Stone, Stevie Wonder, and Bruno Major, just to name a few.

In the second hour we treated our listeners to the then recently released single Rain, and the unreleased track Stay. Salvatore was also kind enough to play two a few songs for us live called Always and This Feeling which can be heard on the Salvatore EP.

I want to thank Salvatore for being on the program and sharing his music with us.

Please enjoy the podcast!