Rococode on Sounds of PDX: Drop-In-Session

Last Friday on a special edition of Sounds of PDX , recording artists Rococode dropped by PRP before their performance at McMenamins White Eagle. The Electronic-Indie band from Vancouver, BC released their second LP, Don’t Worry It Will Be Dark Soon, last February and are now sharing this brilliant record with the masses.

2016-07-16 22.01.05Taking time out of their U.S. Tour, Andrew Braun and Laura Smith were kind enough to stop by, talk about their recording process, and perform an acoustic version of “Hunter Gather”. During the broadcast the Talk Board was busy with PRP listeners praising the band’s live performance and song from the new album.

We always appreciate when we have artists come into the studio but it’s especially gracious when they take time out of a touring schedule, so thank you to Andrew and Laura for doing just that. I am a huge fan of this band and their new album so do yourself a favor and get it now!

Please enjoy my interview with Rococode and their stellar live performance!

For more information on the band and to see their latest video see the links below.

Download Don’t Worry It Will Be Dark Soon, HERE!



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