Portland Radio Project and PRP’s PDX Rock Block dropped in this week – on the amazing Rob Daiker! Rob released his latest single SUPERHERO at a packed concert this past Saturday night at Dante’s, alongside Berahmand and Emotitron. J-Fell Presents and Portland Radio Project were proud to present these three amazing acts to an audience of very enthusiastic fans!



Rob’s new full-length album, Binary Affairs, contains several songs that are sure to be hits – the fulfilling pop sound, combined with technical production perfection are the recipe for airwave success. His focus on the joy of new discoveries in life shines through in the positivity and accessibility of his music. We were all drawn in – the audience begged for an encore for several minutes. Rob came out, and innocently lamented, “We have no more songs…”

Berahmand also hit the stage with their album Empress – a pleasure from start to finish, we sang along to MESSAGE ABOVE and a very danceable version of Blondie’s HEART OF GLASS. Great stage moves, rock-star quality band interaction, and a genuine connection with the audience make this band a must-enjoy every time!




Emotitron opened the show with their new project – sky-high vocals with tight back-ups, and a very sweet, humble front man kept us entirely engaged. Check out their amazing Star Trek themed video “Die Maschine” featuring many of your favorite local rockers.


Special thanks to Jason Fellman of J-Fell presents for inviting us to be involved with these outstanding local bands! We are so happy to have participated in this hugely positive event!

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