Seattle’s Rose Windows, in keeping with hip disparagement mindsets, have called the music they do “insufferable psychedelic garbage”. What the 7-member group HAS crafted is an extraordinary and unique sound and vision, much of it created on the backs of their listening habits which range from extreme global hits of the past and the present, to deep passion in classical and jazz forms, to Black Sabbath and back even further.

Artist to Watch

Rose Windows is part of a great concept organized by McMenamins. Roll in a musical caravan monthly through their historic properties.  This month, it’s Seattle’s 7-piece which, due to a family emergency was reimagined as a trio rather than cancel out on the tour. It turns out, the ability to roll with it creates a very special opportunity for fans and those new to the band.

Every month, the Great Northwest Music Tour blazes a fresh musical trail, bringing an ever-changing lineup of talent to our historic properties. There is no admission charge to the festivities, and our unique venues offer food, handcrafted beverages and perhaps a cozy place to bed down after the last note is played. Bring your friends and family and jam to a different artist every month. This month’s session is on Sunday, Feb. 16 at 7 p.m.


Great Northwest Music Tour
Sunday, February 16, 7 p.m.
Crystal Ballroom

As early as last summer, Rose Windows became the ones to “watch”.  A unique gift in the sea of sameness that comes from the mainstream recording industry.

Ahead of their tour, the 7 quickly reformed to 3 because of a family emergency. But the show has gone on with lead guitarist and songwriter, Chris Cheveyo, singer Rabia Shaheen Qazi, and Nils Peterson on rythm guitar and vocals.  So rather than pack it up and rearrange the tour, you “roll with it” as Chris tells me in our conversation below. He says it really wasn’t that much different than how it all began for Rose Windows. Turns out, these sudden forks in the road can lead to incredibly special inspiration and bring vision to the group when it comes back to the 7!