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Slim Figure, Better Looks, Wins ManGloria Steinem turns 80. Our greatest president ever, #39 Jimmy C, releases another amazingly insightful book, “A CALL TO ACTION: WOMEN, RELIGION, VIOLENCE AND POWER,” calling the subjugation of women the greatest human rights issue ever, and 75 years ago, a Gal Acquires Oomph and finds the real answer to a girl’s biggest problem — Slim Figure Betters Looks, Wins Man.

75-year-old cheese case study: A girl busy getting her master’s degree couldn’t bother her pretty head about calories or spare the time for exercise. Then she suddenly did an about face.

She decided that it didn’t matter if you did know all the dates in history if you couldn’t get one of your own, so she took herself in hand—and made her figure over. She did rolling exercises to get rid of sedentary hipline, twisted and stretched to nip in her waist, and she acquired a lovely posture instead of her round-shouldered student stoop. Also, she abandoned the idea of saving all her money for her old age and bought a few very snappy clothes.

Very smelly conclusion: She became the belle of the town!

PRPs. If weight isn’t an issue for you but your age is, fetching bangs and soft little curls over the ears combine with a smooth chignon at the nape of the neck to make this coiffure especially youthful and becoming for the matron. (see below)

Mature Coifture

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